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your clients are looking for you.

is your website ready for them?

If not…

Here’s what holds most service biz websites back:

You’ve got a great business. But you can still lose clients to your competitors — and leave lots of money on the table — if your website isn’t based on the right client-gen strategy.

…but i’ve packaged up everything i’ve learned

from creating hundreds of profitable, strategy-backed client generation websites for my clients, into an all-inclusive, step-by-step, easy to implement program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the down ‘n’ dirty EXECUTION, so you can replicate my results.




“It’s the first time in multiple tries … Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc. that I’ve actually been able to put a website together. It’s so easy to follow, even a novice can figure it out.”

Steve Hassall

Landscaping Service Provider


“We got our first client from the website right away. We sold one of the largest projects we’ve ever sold because the customer was super happy with what they saw on the website.”

Collin Winfrey

Exterior Contractor

“My only concern signing up was wondering when I’d have the time to do it. But when I finally sat down and started working on it, it was up and running within a few days.

Patti Sampson

Real Estate Consultant

here’s what you’ll accomplish:

in Module 1…

you’ll craft your magnetic sales message.

(it’s the backbone of a truly profitable website!)

Even if you know zero about marketing, this module will break it down into simple bite-sized steps, complete with proven frameworks and plenty of examples.

You’ll uncover priceless insights about what your clients really want, and how you are the obvious choice to get them there.

“I’ve been searching for a ‘formula’ so to speak for over a year so it’s fantastic to finally have everything click into place.”

lee mowlem – web designer

in Module 2…

you’ll create all the content for your site.

(we’re not talking about a novel-sized mega site either.)

We’ll use my proven copywriting formulas to effortlessly transform your messaging beats into the actual written content for your new streamlined site, without breaking a sweat!

(This is where I’ll show you how to choose the perfect images, colors and fonts too!)

“I’m blown away at the content I am writing. Definitely couldn’t have done this without the program.”

travis rivera – vocal coach

in Module 3…

you’ll produce your ‘future client generator.’

(finally capture the other 90% of your site visitors.)

We’ll create one really valuable piece of pillar content that once placed on your website will attract new prospects for years to come and help you stay top of mind for the majority (90%) of your site visitors who are “just looking.”

THIS is how you build your list of tomorrow’s clients on autopilot.

“Oh, man. Just keep learning more and more. I love the idea that my lead magnet is something that delivers VALUE and not a SALES PITCH. I would never have thought to do this without the course so far.”

Susan Hutchison – Violin & Music Teacher

in Module 4…

let’s launch!

Now that you’ve created all the raw content that will make up your new website — let’s have some fun and bring it to life, without any of the tech troubles you may have encountered in the past.

We’ll start with my personally designed, fully customizable Site Template Kit — which pairs perfectly with the content we’ve created — in other words, your site will say all the right things while being as unique as your business itself.

“I just got into the site-building process, and I love it!! I’m in no way a tech person, but what I have learned in just the first two sections of module 4 are a game-changer for me. SO EXCITED!!!”

evie strange – Disney travel planner

what kind of website can you create?

Here are just a few examples of what’s possible inside The Launchpad!

And yes, I’ll show you how to make your site look perfect on mobile too! (It only takes a few extra minutes.)

With over 800 members and counting…

the results are in!

See what other business owners who were recently in your shoes have to say after finishing The Launchpad.


“The steps that Wes takes you through were really simple to follow, and made perfect sense for my business. I can’t imagine a situation where they wouldn’t have.

Liz Barnett

Motivational Interviewing Coach

“My website’s sexy. And it operates on its own so people can book through the website.

And because it was up there, I booked a client on the unfinished website in the middle of me doing all of this.”

Marvin Avila

Actors’ Audition Services


“Wes’ program makes it easy… Yes, I got a great new website out of it… but the most important value to me was the ability to communicate more effectively what I could bring to the companies that I want to serve.”

Allison Hartsoe

Data Analytics Agency owner


“I would recommend this program to any people wanting to not just have a pretty website, but one that’s going to get conversions and help your customers see the value in what you do.”

Lia Huynh

Marriage & Family Therapist


“I freed up my time by using this web asset (my website) as leverage. The course Wes has put out has revolutionized this component of my business.”

Aaron Attwell

Digital Agency Owner


“It is absolutely worth it, ten times over. What you learn is a game changer. You’re not going to learn this anywhere else.”

Raichel White

Web Designer & I.T. Specialist


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