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Everything you need to create a strategic website that generates leads, converts clients, and drives revenue without the tech disasters, “what do I write?” blank page meltdown, or $$$ investment.

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So far the The Launchpad has helped 2128 service business owners automate client generation with their website.

“What I like about it is that it was always one actionable step per module so that you could quickly work through it. And you were understanding you were building your knowledge very quickly. What he taught us about the content and the layout made perfect sense to me when you're trying to speak to your ideal client. I have worked with other copywriters. And I have never seen the value before. He does such a good job when it comes to applying the process of copywriting.”

Linda Barutha

SEO Expert & Online Visibility Strategist


My site is now on page 1 of Google and my conversion rate has gone up because my messaging to my ideal client is resonating with them and it feels awesome.”


I feel more confident about sending people to my website!”

Sarrah Chapman

”I have a much more professional and custom website that I’m proud of.”

Steven Knott

”I now get calls booked via the website and they’re quality calls not time wasters.”

Dorian West

The Profitable Website Launchpad is your secret weapon to a website that works as hard as you do.

Wanna know what's inside?

Here’s what you’re going to accomplish…

Step 1:

Clarify your message

Stop guessing what your dream clients want to hear. In this step, you’ll gain total clarity on how to communicate your value in a way that magnetically attracts your ideal customers.

Step 2:

Craft copy that converts

Think you need to be a master wordsmith to write high-converting copy? Think again. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, this step makes it easy to create authentic, compelling words that sell.

Step 3:

Automate Your Lead Generation

Ready to turn your website into a tireless sales machine? This step shows you how to attract, nurture, and convert leads into paying clients…on autopilot.

Step 4:

It’s time to build!

Tech have you feeling stuck? Not anymore. Watch over my shoulder as I demystify every detail of getting your new site live:

You’ll have bite-size straightforward tutorials to:

By the end of this module, you’ll have walked, one video at a time, through every last stress-free detail needed to design, build, and create your client-converting, profit-generating website. 


You’ll have a brand new site live and out in the wild, bringing in leads, landing clients, impressing your friends, and leaving the competition asking, “Who did they hire???”

90-Day Support, Coaching & Community

But even with powerful strategies, clear-cut tutorials, and simple action steps, sometimes you just need to phone a friend (or an expert). That’s why every single PWL student gets three months of access to expert support, live Q&A sessions, and an exclusive community. So you never feel stuck as you write and create your site. And you can continue to track, optimize, and update long after launch day.

When you join PWL, you get instant 90-day access to:


LIVE Weekly Q&A
with Wes

Stuck on a headline, wondering which lead magnet will work best, or need a second pair of eyes on your new homepage? Bring it all to our weekly live Q&A. I’ll be there to give you personalized feedback and keep you moving toward the finish line.


PWL Private
Facebook Community

Between coaching calls, tap into the collective wisdom of the PWL community. This exclusive group of fellow service business owners is your go-to spot for brainstorming, troubleshooting, and celebrating your wins. Trust me, they’ve got answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.


'Wes-Bot' AI Assistant

Meet your new 24/7 sidekick! This Launchpad-trained AI brainstorming and writing assistant is an expert in all the course material and common student questions. Got a head-scratcher at 2AM? Wes-Bot is ready to jump in with a personalized answer, so you can keep the momentum going.

“We made a huge, huge change online and in our marketing in the last year [after taking PWL.] Those that are coming through are signing up. They’re so much more qualified.

And that's what we wanted. So that for us was a huge shift.

We didn't know if we could be successful in this avenue, but it's absolutely working for us. We're just kind of like, almost like shocked by it.”

Lisa Alberta

Gym Marketing Manager

Plus all these extra trainings & resources!

Inside The Profitable Website Launchpad, you’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful, effective, and profitable site for your business as you work through the course in real-time. 


But I want to give you the boost you need to get your site into the world faster with as many eyes on it as possible. So I’m also giving you a few more resources to help you as you take back control and bring your brand into its next chapter.



You’ve created a website that’s perfectly  primed to convert. Now it’s time to pour fuel on the fire and get that site in front of as many eager eyeballs as possible. But with so many traffic strategies out there, it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis.


In this mini-course, we’ll cut through the noise and zero in on the traffic sources that make sense for YOUR business. You’ll learn:

By the end, you’ll have a clear roadmap for driving high-quality leads to your shiny new site, without blowing your budget or spinning your wheels.

Pro Site Branding Makeover Kit

Pro Site Branding Makeover Kit

Your website should be a 24/7 salesperson, but if it looks like it’s straight outta 1999, it’s not gonna close the deal.


This bonus is your ticket to a site that looks as pro as the services you offer.


We’ll cover:

The ChatGPT Fast Track Bundle

The ChatGPT Fast Track Bundle

Not a writer? Strapped for time?

This bonus solves both problems!

The Launchpad + ChatGPT Power Prompt Playbook

Staring down a blank page? Not anymore. The PWL + ChatGPT Power Prompt Playbook is your stealthy cheat-code that transforms your rough ideas into polished, persuasive copy in minutes. 

With this playbook by your side, you’ll breeze through every copywriting task, from homepage headlines to lead magnet outlines. Watch as the PWL process becomes smoother, simpler, and faster than ever before.

[VIDEO WORKSHOP] How to Use ChatGPT to Write Your Website FAST!

Wonder how the pros whip up high-converting homepages in record time? This over-the-shoulder training spills the secrets, showing you how to use some cleverly lazy (yeah, you heard that right) prompts. Then, sit back and watch ChatGPT transform those into copy that’s as clear, compelling, and human.

Valentin Dumitru


“The AI guide is remarkable. I shouldn’t be surprised given your other content. Thank you for making this available!”

Phil Hayes-St Clair


“I took your guidance and used the prompts and put them into practice last week. The difference has already been profoundly good. Thank you!!”

Diana Westmark


“I really appreciate all you’ve put into the AI guide. It has been so helpful after only a few days. Thank you for making my life easier. You totally rock!”

“We trusted [all his] recommendations. We switched everything over to what he talked about. It was much easier. It was much smoother. And on a random Wednesday night, we sold one of the largest projects we've ever sold to a really high-end client.

The customer was like “yeah, I'm super happy with your company. Super happy with what I see on the website. This is exactly what I want.” Boom, fully remote, never even met the person or shook their hand. It was one of the biggest projects we've ever done. It was over six figures”

Collin Winfrey

Exterior Contractor

Nicole van der Westhuizen

Domestic Staffing Agency Owner


It started by 50 people looking per month at the website, now it’s close to a thousand. It’s not just a website, but a website people don’t go past—they stay on.”

Steve Hassall



It’s the first time in multiple tries… Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc., that I’ve actually been able to put a website together. It’s so easy to follow even a novice can figure it out.

Got some Qs? I got As!

If the thought of diving into website tech sounds about as fun as scheduling a root canal without anesthesia, you’re not alone.


Wanna know a secret? I’m a professional web designer, and coding? Not my jam. 


But I’m a wiz with Elementor. Elementor is where the magic happens for folks like us, and it’s exactly what I teach you inside PWL. It’s a completely customizable drag-and-drop WordPress plug-in that makes creating your website a lot less scary. 

But there will always be a short learning curve anytime you learn something new. So I’ll teach you how to master all the ins and outs of Elementor to save you hours of Googling, YouTubing, and headbanging your keyboard. Give yourself 60 minutes, and you’ll have so much fun that you’ll be ready to create a website for everyone you know. (You get a website, you get a website, and you get a website!)

There is SO much amazing free information on YouTube! I’ve dedicated a good portion of my career to providing as much transformative, free content on the internet as possible. And yet…it’s still limiting. 


There’s only so much you can teach or learn in 15 minutes.

And no matter how many 15-minute videos you watch back to back, it’s almost impossible to put together an entire framework.

PWL isn’t just a collection of tips and tricks; it’s the full blueprint, your A-Z guide. It fills in the blanks YouTube leaves, so you’re not just launching a site but launching a profitable marketing cornerstone for your business. 


With PWL, you’ll have access to a comprehensive process. A proven formula for persuasive copy, service business site strategy, optimized design, and a simple tech build-out. 


Even if you were able to find the exact answers to the tech questions you had on the internet (and most of us can’t), it would still leave you with giant knowledge gaps for the strategy. 


And if you don’t have the strategy, you don’t have the right message. And if you don’t have the right message…you don’t have the clients.

PWL is designed to take you through the process from start to launch in 30 days. However, you have complete control over your time, pace, and capacity. It’s not a race, and there’s no stopwatch. You have to set the pace and plan that’s right for you.


I recommend setting aside 5-7 hours per module. If you can dedicate 1-2 hours a day, you could have your site live in 4 weeks or less. (Some ambitious students have their profitable sites live after just 2 hyper-focused weekends, but I’ll always encourage you to go at your own pace.)

Inside, you’ll find project plans and support resources to help you manage your time, check off tasks, and keep your project on track. You’ll also have live weekly Q&A office hours to help you work through any hang-ups and move towards your goal.


And you’ll get three months in the private PWL Facebook community and Wes Bot AI chatbot to support you as you work to get your site up and running and long after.


But no matter how long it takes, you have lifetime access to the course and all future upgrades as technology changes. You’ll never lose your investment, so no matter what’s going on in your life, you’ll have the information you need to take control of your marketing and build out the profitable site your brand needs.

Short answer: No. Long answer: Nope.

The most important part of your website will be your message, your copy, and your strategy. And you can plug that into any platform in the world. Three out of the four modules focus on helping you write and design the site that will connect the most with your ideal client. If you’re going to venture beyond WordPress, you won’t get the same step-by-step instructions in Step 4, but if you know how to use the other platform, you just have to recreate what you see me doing in the videos. The tutorials will still help you with your layout and design in your web builder, but the buttons will likely be a little bit different.

Glad you asked! Investing in PWL gives you everything you need to know exactly how to strategically write, design, build, and launch your profitable website. And it comes with a few extra bonus perks like professionally designed site templates, a free branding kit, 90 days access to free coaching, community, chatbot support, and exclusive discounts to multiple platforms and software you will likely need for your website and business.


But there’s always a cost associated with owning a website. You’ll likely need to add on:

  • A hosting plan
  • The Elementor Pro plugin
  • Stock images
  • And if you want to jazz up your lead magnet, I have some tips to keep it affordable for you.

All-in, your additional costs should be less than $200.

Jerome McCuin

Shipping Provider


“Life is already going smoother with the new website and I can see the quote requests flowing through to my team. Even I am surprised at what came from my own fingers thanks to good guidance. Plus I saved a ton of back and forth with a designer.


Thanks for making such an honest, straightforward, no-nonsense program.”

Gilbert Russell

Retail Consultant


“What you’ve built here is just brilliant. It only took me two really focused days to create all the content and then build the site out. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with something like this, but it was all so smooth.


What I have now is worth way more than what I paid for the program, I really want to thank you for creating it.”

Jon Moraglia

Drone Photographer


“I found Wes on youtube and looked into his paid course. Let me tell you, I was so skeptical lol. But… what I have learned in this course over the last month is WAY MORE than I have EVER learned over the last 18 months of miscellaneous research and my entrepreneurship/marketing class.


EVERY part of my business has changed. The course opened up so many other doors that were not even talked about.”

Patti Sampson

Real Estate Consultant


“My only concern signing up was wondering when I’d have the time to do it. But when I finally sat down and started working on it, it was up and running within a few days.”

Tyler Reynecke

Website Developer


“Literally the first website I used Wes’ equation on, I’m already getting more traffic on that website and higher conversion rates than any website that I’ve done before. That’s results I’ve never seen in my life as a web developer of seven years.”

Ana Vasquez

Amazon PPC Specialist


“Thanks Wes for the well-made course and weekly untiring support. Made this website mine and work for my own industry and service. Couldn’t have done this in less than a week without your help.”

Travis Rivera

Vocal Coach


“Thank you for this awesome program. I am enjoying your friendly step by step process and I am blown away at the content I am writing.

Definitely couldn’t have done this without this program.”

Christian Zeuch

Video Game Creator


“I must say… Your templates, Elementor Pro itself, the way you teach the stuff? It’s amazing. I revamped my website over the weekend.

Tks a lot for putting out something that makes it SO easy to come up with a compelling website!!

So…Is The Profitable Website Launchpad right for you?

Good Q!

The Profitable Website Launchpad isn’t for everyone. And I don’t want you spending your valuable time, money, and effort building your own website if it isn’t the absolute best choice for you and your business. So, let’s make sure PWL is 100% right for you before you jump in. 

PWL is a PERFECT fit for you if:

You're a service business owner...

Who’s ready to stop the day-in, day-out boots-on-the-ground hustle and content creation madness and finally have an automated marketing system for driving traffic, capturing leads, and increasing sales.


Marketing for service businesses is completely different from marketing for ecomm, online courses, affiliate marketing, or any other type of business. it’s about building trust, not just transactions. If you’re a local service provider, that might mean having you in their home to organize their playroom, replace their windows, or clean their gutters. If you’re an online service provider, that might mean being vulnerable enough to hire you as their nutritional coach, parenting coach, copywriter, or therapist. 


Your customers goes through a different buying process than someone grabbing the latest viral cleaning product on Amazon.

And that’s good news because there is a proven and perfected process for coaching your customer through a buying decision on your website. PWL arms you with the tools to answer your client’s calls for help, wrapped up in a website that works as hard as you do.

PWL is a PERFECT fit for you if:

You’re not afraid of a little elbow grease…

But you are tired of doing the DIY dance only to end up down a YouTube rabbit hole with more questions than answers. Creating your website yourself not only saves you thousands of your hard-earned dollars but it allows you to maintain control of your marketing now and in the future. 


The only problem with doing it yourself is…you have to do it yourself. 


Unless you have The Profitable Website Launchpad. 


Because when you create your site alongside the bite-sized training, with an average watch time of around 10 minutes, simple worksheets, templates, and coaching support for when you get stuck… 


You eliminate all of the guesswork, overwhelm, and confusion so you can create and launch your site in 30 days.

PWL is a PERFECT fit for you if:

"Get it right, get it tight" is your mantra...

Even if this is your second (or third) site. Whether you’re transitioning from word-of-mouth to a more digital presence or you’re beefing up your online marketing, you know your site is a make-or-break marketing tool. 


PWL lays out the blueprint to captivate the right crowd and transform them into your clientele. And walks you through the simple (but not always intuitive) process of building your site and getting it out into the world. You’ll have everything you need to take proven formulas for buyer psychology, persuasive copy, and conversion-optimized design and customize them for your unique clients, offers, and business.


The Profitable Website Launchpad may NOT be the best fit for you if:

PWL’s genius lies in its focus on service businesses and their unique needs. These formulas and frameworks work for both in-person and online service businesses but aren’t necessarily meant to convert buyers for digital or physical products at scale. So, while you could use Step 3 to set up and create a lead magnet and Step 4 to efficiently and effortlessly build out your website, Steps 1 & 2 wouldn’t apply to you. This might not be the best use of your investment.

The Profitable Website Launchpad was designed to help you create your website in 30 days if you spent about 1-2 hours a day Monday-Friday over four weeks. Some students take 6-8 weeks and some power through it in 2. There is no pressure and no timeline. PWL is meant to serve your life and your business where you are, not the other way around. 


But it will require you to invest a small amount of time over a few weeks or even a month or two. If you truly do not have that time available and you can invest in a copywriter and designer, then that route might be a better fit for you. 


However, if you’re simply worried about time and project management, we’ve created specific resources inside PWL to help you stay focused, stay motivated, and stay on track as you work towards getting your site launched and live.

What kind of site can you create?

The possibilities are endless.

Christine Neumann

Forensic Genealogist


“My initial website did nothing. There were a couple of clients that I got, and they kept asking questions. And I was like, it’s all on the website, why are you asking me? And I knew they had seen the website. I realized if it was all there and they had to ask me again then maybe it wasn’t so great… 


And now [with my new site], so many people book the consultation online and they’ve never talked to me before.

When they call me, I don’t have to really sell to them at all. They’re like, when can you do this, and what do you need from me to have you get started?”

Marvin Avila

Audition Reel Producer


“My website is sexy, and I’m actually legitimately proud to show it to people. It makes me feel like the stuff that I’ve been showing them in the past was just absolute garbage. This is so streamlined, succinct, professional, and crisp-looking. And it makes sense. From top to bottom, it makes complete sense why things are laid out the way they are. So it’s a beautiful website. I’m really proud of it.


So apart from being like beautiful, it actually gets results and gets clients.

“We had a bounce rate of around 75-78% before. It’s now below 20%. It’s a solid bucket now.”

Jason Smith

Stock Trading Coach


“It was kind of magic to watch because you fill out this form of your customer, and then in the next part, they all just come together magically, and you’ve got website copy that’s very strong and concise and good.”

Heathcote Ruthven


Nothing’s left out where it’s literally like, ‘Do this, now do this, now do this.‘ So him showing you step by step, that is the Ace. Now I get it.”

Bobby Krull

Landscape Designer


“My only concern signing up was wondering when I’d have the time to do it. But when I finally sat down and started working on it, it was up and running within a few days.

Patti Sampson

Real Estate Consultant


“My website’s sexy. And it operates on its own so people can book through the website.


And because it was up there, I booked a client on the unfinished website in the middle of me doing all of this.”

Marvin Avila

Audition Tape Producer


“It started by 50 people looking per month at the website. Now it’s close to a thousand. It’s not just a website, but a website that people don’t go past — they stay on.”

Nicole van der Westhuizen

Domestic Staffing Agency Owner


“It’s the first time in multiple tries … Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc. that I’ve actually been able to put a website together. It’s so easy to follow, even a novice can figure it out.”

Steve Hassall



“The steps that Wes takes you through were really simple to follow, and made perfect sense for my business. I can’t imagine a situation where they wouldn’t have.”

Liz Barnett

Motivational Coach


“I freed up my time by using this web asset (my website) as leverage. The course Wes has put out has revolutionized this component of my business.”

Aaron Attwell

Digital Agency Owner


If you’ve read this far, you owe it to yourself (and the future of your business) to answer these questions:

What would your life look like if your next 10 clients came in through your website, already sold on your service, and ready to hand you their credit card…without you having to pound the pavement networking, spend hundreds (or thousands) in ads, or hustle just to pump out content?


How would it feel to finally be crystal clear on the exact message your ideal clients needed to hear to know, without a doubt, that you are the solution to their problem…and to consistently use that message in all of your marketing to bring in the right leads every time?


How much time would you gain if you could stop struggling with tech, frozen in content paralysis, endlessly Googling “how to create a website that will make me money????”…and just simply have the exact blueprint you need to get a profitable site launched, live, and selling your service?

What would be possible if you finally had a traffic-generating machine working for your business around the clock while you focused on optimizing your service, your systems, and your brand to the level of quality you know your clients deserve?

That’s exactly what your profitable website allows you to do.

Are you ready?