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“My website’s sexy. And it operates on its own so people can book through the website.

And because it was up there, I booked a client who was on the unfinished website in the middle of me doing all of this.”

Marvin Avila


“We sold one of the largest projects we’ve ever sold becuase the customer was super happy with what they saw on the website.

We can now eliminate 10% of our overhead from just eliminating a sales person and automating the whole process.

Collin Winfrey


“Wes’ program makes it easy… Yes, I got a great new website out of it… but the most important value to me was the ability to communicate more effectively what I could bring to the companies that I want to serve.”

Allison Hartsoe


“You know, you pay for stuff and never think you’re going to get your money’s worth out of it, but I definitely got my money’s worth out of this course.”

Patti Sampson


“I freed up my time by using this web asset (my website) as leverage. The course Wes has put out has revolutionized this component of my business.”

Aaron Attwell


“It’s the first time in multiple tries… Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc… that I’ve actually been able to put a website together… even a novice can figure it out.”

Steve Hassall


“Life is already going smoother with the new website and I can see the quote requests flowing through to my team. Even I am surprised at what came from my own fingers thanks to good guidance. Plus I saved a ton of back and forth with a designer.

Thanks for making such an honest, straightforward, no-nonsense program.”

Jerome McCuin


“What you’ve built here is just brilliant. It only took me two really focused days to create all the content and then build the site out. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with something like this, but it was all so smooth.

What I have now is worth way more than what I paid for the program, I really want to thank you for creating it.”

Gilbert Russell


“I found Wes on youtube and looked into his paid course. Let me tell you, I was so skeptical lol. But… what I have learned in this course over the last month is WAY MORE than I have EVER learned over the last 18 months of miscellaneous research and my entrepreneurship/marketing class.

EVERY part of my business has changed. The course opened up so many other doors that were not even talked about.”

Jon Moraglia



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“I would recommend this program to any people wanting to not just have a pretty website, but one that’s going to get conversions and help your customers see the value in what you do.”

Lia Huynh


“The steps that Wes takes you through were really simple to follow, and made perfect sense for my business. I can’t imagine a situation where they wouldn’t have.”

Liz Barnett


“It is absolutely worth it, ten times over. What you learn is a game changer. You’re not going to learn this anywhere else.”

Raichel White


“Thanks Wes for the well-made course and weekly untiring support. Made this website mine and work for my own industry and service. Couldn’t have done this in less than a week without your help.”

Ana Vasquez


“Our website is generating leads daily and I’ve actually gotten compliments from high end customers about it!

You are a genius and your program has been literally a blessing for us!

Thank you Wes and raise your prices!”

Collin Winfrey


“Thank you for this awesome program. I am enjoying your friendly step by step process and I am blown away at the content I am writing.

Definitely couldn’t have done this without this program.”

Travis Rivera


“I must say… Your templates, Elementor Pro itself, the way you teach the stuff? It’s amazing.

I revamped my website over the weekend.
Tks a lot for putting out something that makes it SO easy to come up with a compelling website!!”

Christian Zeuch


“My new website and the updates i made to google my business (with the TurboTraffic bonus module) have helped us get more website bookings! Thank you so much!”

Rebecca Hayes


“We are so happy we bought the course from you. It is incredibly well thought out. When people discover what you have here they are going to go crazy for it. Everything was so well done we didn’t have any questions.

You are awesome!”

Kent Emmerson


“It’s like you’ve thought through everything — and now I have a website that I absolutely love. And I’m seeing money because of it.”

Krist Ayres


“I knew I had made the right choice with The Launchpad within the first ten minutes.”

Ali Fernandez


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